Outdoor and Countryside Brands Limited

We enjoy developing brands for our customers to love. Our diverse collection of brands are large enough to be able to be developed in house by our design team, and produce them in our own factory in the middle of the countryside, yet are small enough to care about our customers and their needs in the ever changing consumer market. Generally our brands are all sold on a direct to consumer basis, although we do have a small number of retailers who stock our products too.

Grace and Dotty

Grace is a modern woman, someone who loves life and lives it to the full. Her sidekick is the wonderful Dotty, her pretty black Labrador. Dotty is a cheeky young dog that is very loyal, but equally as mischievous. Grace and Dotty are country girls, girls who love nothing more than embracing the countryside whether in the snow and rain, or sun. Grace and Dotty are the inspiration for our the Grace and Dotty product range, a collection of beautifully styled on-trend country clothing for women and their doting four legged friends alike.
The Grace and Dotty brand is designed, developed and made in Britain, we proudly use English and Scottish Tweeds and always use Certified Faux-Fur on our products.

Belvoir Rug Company Equine

Probably most noted for the HONSIE, an all in one Horse and Pony cover designed to keep your Horse or Pony clean before competitions, as a second skin in the winter, when travelling or just for general use. Our range also includes Show Hoods, Half Bodies, Chest Guards and a range of other associated products. We predominantly use the finest Italian Nylon Lycra for our products, usually in the same quality of fabric as our swimwear ranges.

The Dog Coat Company

Alongside our Equine range, we also offer a Canine range. We offer full all-in-ones, in both Nylon Lycra and Fleece, we offer Dog Coats in Fleece and a Waterproof material. Our products come in up to 9 sizes and in a variety of colours. Used for a variety of reasons from everyday use, to working dogs to showing dogs, the list is pretty wide ranging.

512 Logo

RubyPink Swimwear

RubyPink swimwear is a range of bikinis aimed at the younger, yet more discerning young lady. Produced in current and on-trend styles, our ranges are made with limited availability, usually on 25 pieces per item. The ranges are finished when sold, and are refreshed every couple of weeks. Best of all, Ruby Pink is designed to be totally affordable.

SwimCurves Swimwear

SwimCurves swimwear is our range of swimwear aimed at the lady who wants to swim, but wants a swimwear product that flatters her figure and hides the curves and bumps she would rather not see. Designed around a range of 7 body shapes, by using visual detailing to hide, disguise and alter the body image SwimCurves can be a god-send for any body conscious swimmer.

SwimCurves is currently off-line as we are conducting some extensive customer research. We hope that the range will be re-launched for Spring/Summer 2021